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  • Troy Meyers
    Bluetooth barcode scanner?Answered57
    Forum post posted July 20, 2010 by Troy Meyers 
    Bluetooth barcode scanner?

    Both the iPhone and iPad FileMaker Go apps would be perfect for my company IF we were able to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to input data into fields/finds. Are such scanners already in existence and supported?

  • Jeremy Whitted
    FileMaker Go + Dropbox49
    Forum post posted July 29, 2010 by Jeremy Whitted 
    FileMaker Go + Dropbox

    I use Dropbox to keep my FM file synced between my phone and two computers. However, when the file is opened in FM Go, it doesn't write the changes back to my Dropbox folder. It keeps the file on the phone.

    Is there a chance that feature could be added? I understand Dropbox has an API that makes it very easy to do.

  • york li
    Can we insert more pictures in a container fieldAnswered471
    Forum post posted September 29, 2010 by york li 
    Can we insert more pictures in a container field

    hi, everybody,

    I am developing a system that need to show the photo in container fields. but i find i just can insert one picture in a container field every time. since i need more pictures in a container field.  what should i do if it is possible ? 

    otherwise is there any alternative method for that?   thanks !!!

  • Jade
    FileMaker Go 1.2 bug?Answered43
    Forum post posted April 20, 2011 by Jade 
    FileMaker Go 1.2 bug?

    There seems to be a bug introduced with FileMaker Go 1.2.

    The function GetLayoutObjectAttribute["ABC" ; "content"] no longer returns the full content of the web viewer "ABC" that has been set to the javascript below.  It only returns the tags <html><head></head><body></body></html>.  However, the web view displays the correct text.  This worked correctly in the previous FileMaker Go  version.

    This error occurs on both the iPhone and iPad 2.  I am using FMP advance 9.0v3

    data:text/html,<!DOCTYPE HTML>



            <script type="text/javascript">

                function success(location) {

                    var message = document.getElementById("messageArea");

                    messageArea.innerHTML="<p>Latitude: " + location.coords.latitude + "</p>";

                    messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Longitude: " + location.coords.longitude + "</p>";

                    messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Accuracy: " + location.coords.accuracy + "</p>";

                    messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Heading: " + location.coords.heading + "</p>";

                    messageArea.innerHTML+="<p>Speed: " + location.coords.speed + "</p>";


            function fail() {



                function getLocation() {

                    navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(success, fail, {maximumAge: 0, enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 60000});




        <body onload="getLocation();">

            <div id="messageArea">

                Location unknown 




  • daryl hansen
    Attach PDF into custom Email411
    Forum post posted September 22, 2010 by daryl hansen 
    Attach PDF into custom Email

    I just upgraded to the new version.  I'm so excited!!!!

    I have a script that creates the PDF and then composes a custom email and attaches the PDF to that email, but the PDF is not getting attached.  It will create the PDF and it generates the email, but it's just not getting attached.  Is there something to use in the syntax to get this to work with the iPhone and iPad?  I tried "file:filename.pdf", but it doesn't work.  Perhaps "iPad:filename.pdf"?

    How do I get this to attach?

  • Larry Williams
    FMGO CrashesAnswered35
    Forum post posted August 11, 2010 by Larry Williams 
    FMGO Crashes


    not sure if this is the right area to post this but every time i launch FMGO using wifi or 3G it crashes when i start to enter data, but when I launch it again it's fine.

    does anyone else has this problem or a fix


  • robyne
    Unable to commit a record in Go after disconnect31
    Forum post posted October 8, 2013 by robyne 
    Unable to commit a record in Go after disconnect

    I am using FM12/Server & Go.

    I am wondering if there is a nice work around to the error message "your record cannot be saved because the record was modified while you were disconnected".  Unfortunately, when this happens, Go gets stuck and the only way deal with is to force the user out (on a couple of occasions I had to do this via the Server).  Not nice.  While I cannot do much about the [crappy] cell signals, I'd love to know if I can somehow bounce the user out automatically if the connection interrupted.  Any thoughts?



  • rgordon
    Confirmation of FileMaker GO Bugs28
    Forum post posted February 24, 2014 by rgordon 
    Confirmation of FileMaker GO Bugs

    I am a huge fan of FileMaker Go 13 but the bugs are starting to really get annoying and are potential deal breakers.  Can somebody confirm if the following are recognized as bugs by FileMaker:

    1.  Occasionally if an iPad is not restarted for an extended period of time, FileMaker Go 12 or 13 can not create a PDF file.  I believe it also has trouble creating other types of file.  The only way to solve this is through a restart.

    2.  Occasionally if an iPad is not restarted for an extended period of time, FileMaker Go 12 or 13 will display a solid gray block that covers 3/4th of the header in list view.  Fields and buttons are still active put you can not see them unless you enter the field.  Not good for navigation or if you have a delete button in the header.  Along with this problem the Home and Windows options are grayed out. The only way to solve this is through a restart.

    3. If you get disconnected from FM Server while a record is not committed, when FM Go 12 or 13 reconnects you will get stuck in a Revert from hell loop.  FM Go record locks itself. You have to force quit the app.  This bug is also potentially destructive to records.

    4.  There is no way to tab between fields in a Dialog box.  In FM Go 12 the Return key turned into a Next key.  In FM Go 13 the Return key stays as a Return key which then add a new line to the field in the dialog box.  Very undesirable behavior.

    All of these issues have been reported in multiple forums. I believe FileMaker Go has a memory management problem since most of these issue can be solved with a restart of the iPad.  An update would be greatly appreciated since I am counting on these issues to be fixed in what should be a soon to be released update to FileMaker 13.

  • Dale Christie
    Filemaker Go Crash28
    Forum post posted March 7, 2012 by Dale Christie 
    Filemaker Go Crash

    Occasionally the Filemaker Go app crashes while the user is creating a new record. The database has 335 fields and I susppect this is related. My other databases work fine. It happens mostly when the user starts the app, but occasionally during the data entry as well. I haven't found any consistancy for when the crashes occur. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need it to be more reliable. What would cause it to crash more: high # of fields, large layout, lots of graphics, etc? if it is an issue of running out of memory, how do I know what is being used and what design attributes use the most memory?

    I appreciate any feedback.

  • Fred Rogers
    File Maker Go with IOS 5Answered28
    Forum post posted October 18, 2011 by Fred Rogers 
    File Maker Go with IOS 5

    I am having an issues that on my newly updated Ipad 2 when you are keying in data it will just take a long time to move to the next field. Then it will make the clicking sound like you are typing but nothing shows up. After 20 secounds or show all the letters you typed show up. But it is making my users think their ipad is locked up. 

    I have a Ipad 2 that has not been updated to IOS 5 and it seems to work just fine. 


    Any thoghts?