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    RE: How to Delete Duplicate Records
    Forum post posted January 24, 2010 by smithp, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    RE: How to Delete Duplicate Records

    I've really goofed up! I imported duplicates of most of my records so now I have two of everything. I need to get rid of the imported records - Big Goof - forgot to save a copy before importing!


    I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 running on Windows Vista.


    The duplicated records are in a table name Progress Notes.

    I know how to find the duplicates but don't want to go through everyone to delete them. Anyway I can get rid of the duplicates.

    I have a field named Progress Notes ID which enters serialized values for each record.


    I think I probably need to write a script to do this but my knowledge of scripts is limited.


    Help would be greately appreciated.


    Thanks, Peggy



    • mr_vodka

      Within FileMaker's help they list a method to find duplicate records. Do a search in the help files for "finding duplicate". There should be a topic there called "Finding and sorting information".


      Once you have a found set of duplicates, you can delete the found set using Delete All.

    • mark bun

      Got the same issue and this has done the trick for me see the site and download.