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    Scrolling in List view is very slowAnswered
    Issue report posted April 4, 2012 by James Grubic, last edited May 30, 2012 
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    Scrolling in List view is very slow
    FileMaker Pro
    Operating system version:
    Description of the issue:
    Brand new database with about 400 records and 27 fields, I converted it to FM12.

    In Filemaker 10 this was scrolling effortlessly in List view. In fact I can launch it in FM10 even now and happily scroll to my heart's content.

    In Filemaker 12 the scroll speed is significantly slower. This is with a spartan UI. If I dare to apply any of the themes with rounded UI elements, etc., it gets even slower.
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    Convert database to v12

    Go to layout with List view-friendly layout
    Expected result:
    Smooth, fast scrolling
    Actual result:
    Slow, choppy scrolling. I timed this as well and it was almost a full second slower on this database of approximately 400 records.
    Don't use Filemaker 12

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    Thank you for your feedback regarding slow performance when scrolling list and table views. We understand the importance of this issue, and are investigating it. Thanks in advance for your patience.


    Best regards,



    • tsturtle

      Hi James Grubic:

      Thanks for submitting your post.

      This is currently a known issue in FileMaker 12.  In-house testing has re-produced with records benchmarked at 100,000 and I was also able to reproduce in a 400 record/27 field configuration similar to yours.

      I'll update when applicable information is made available to me.

      FileMaker, Inc. 

    • PhilModJunk

      Does the slow scroll manfest in Windows systems? (Still waiting for delivery of my copy of 12...)

    • Glitchtracker

      Yes that's terrible that makes Filemaker 12 completely unusable for me. I won't upgrade till it's fixed (which might be never because it's the new layout graphic engine that's the culprit).

    • PhilModJunk

      "yes that's terrible" means yes it occurs on windows systems? Sorry, but have to be very careful to be accurate when publicly posting bug information...

    • Glitchtracker

      No, I was reacting to the original post. I don't know about windows, I didn't see the windows question.

    • Glitchtracker

      Here's some tests

      All on Mac OS X 10.7.3

      Table view is also slower. In fact Filemaker 12 is slower accros the board, but lits view is
      terrible, up to 3 (even 5 in one test) times slower.

      I made a benchmark file ( you can compare, it's

      List view performance is terrible

      List view is very useful, My users spend their days in list view. But FMP has always been slow in
      list view, so I was eager to see some improvements. I made a script that simulates list view
      scrolling. 679 Lines scrolled down from start to finish, repeated several times

      First, locally, the database used standalone,

      FMP being the only application opened, 6 repeats

      FMPa 11v4 : 3 minutes 42 seconds FMPa 12 : 10 minutes and 2 seconds

      I redid the test many times, and made videos with quicktime screen capture, with the video the speed
      differences is even worse, as the screen capture overhead had a bigger impact on FMP 12

      FMP being the only application opened + Quicktime screen recording full screen. 3 repeats (so twice
      less work)

      FMPa 11v4 : 2 minutes 56 seconds ( )
      FMPa 12 : 12 minutes 47 ( )

      When watching Filemaker you can see in FMP 11 that the scroll bar moving, with FMP 12 you can't
      perceive the moves because each steps of the scroll bar are to separated by too much time.


      Same scroll test, but with client server setup

      FMPa 11v4 + FMS 11v2 : 4 minute 30 secondes
      FMPa 12 + FMS 12 : 10 minutes 32 seconds

      As you see FMP12 has about the same performance locally or thru LAN, but it's the same slowness
      rather than speed.


      Same scroll test, local, standalone, list view converted to table vie, test ran in Table view

      FMPa 11v4 : 2 min 10
      FPPa 12 : 6 min 36

      4. I made a test database (

      - In this bench file this is just plain text/number indexed data, so contrary to my previous tests,
      this one doesn't include any unstored calculation, so this is as fast as possible are just the
      display process is used, no calculations whatsoever

      - I developed the bench database with FMPa 11 and then converted to FMPa 12, so this is exactly the
      same thing

      - This test file reproduce user scrolling, so this is as real world test as possible, it's not an
      obscure issue, it's one everyone using Tableview or list view will experience

      - I'm worried because as my first test (1.) show, the calculation engine is also slower, so that
      means that FMPa 12 is a terrible step back in performance, to the point that it puts the future of
      FMP in jeopardy for my use.


      List view : 46 secondes
      Table view : 70 secondes


      List view : 121 secondes
      Table view : 203 secondes

      So if you use list or table vew : I SUGGEST TO NOT UPGRADE

      Best Regards

    • tsturtle


      The slowness/choppiness is a symptom of a general drawing issue users may encounter on both Mac and Windows.

      FileMaker, Inc. 

    • Glitchtracker

      Hi Turle,

      Will it be fixed in a .x Upgrade, because now it's unusable for me and my users, I waon't upgrade.

      It has to be fixed ASAP.

      That's a huge regression.

      List view, table view was already slow before, I expected ann improvement, not a 5 times performance loss.

    • tsturtle

      Hi Glitchtracker,

      I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but it has always been FileMaker's policy to decline comment on future releases and what fixes may or may not be included.

      FileMaker, Inc. 

    • Andychn

      It is hard to understand how FMI could go ahead with a release of a non-downward compatible version update without having done testing of this kind of very basic functionality.

      This is only one of a number of issues related to FM12 that have left me perplexed.