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    FM Go TemplatesAnswered
    Forum post posted July 29, 2010 by EJ, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    FM Go Templates

    I see there are guidlines for FM Go layout design

    Does FM Pro 11 have built-in layout templates for the iphone

    i.e. I'd like the user input to be underneath the the filed name. This seems to be the typical layout design for iphone database programs.







    I would assume such a layout template option exists for FM Pro 11

    Thank You

    Best Answer

    Steve Wright

    Im not sure there are any iPhone templates in FM11, considering Go was released afterwards

    Here is something I created as a starting point for an iPhone specific layout :

    You may also find this useful :


    Hope these help to get you going..

    Credit where credit is due : Jeremy Wood created the initial list view / blue background