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    Elizabeth Casteel
    printing envelopes help
    Forum post posted September 24, 2013 by Elizabeth Casteel 
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    printing envelopes help

    I created a layout for a number 10. Prints out where it should but it is small. I keep jacking up the font size in the layout but it is still smaller than it should be. Does anyone know why? The business name is 24 pt but prints as if it were a 12 pt. Help, I am a newbie at Filemaker Pro 12 (on a mac)



    • PhilModJunk

      Is this text in a database field? (and not text added with the layout text tool)

      Is it possible that the text in this field was either pasted from another file/application or was edited by selecting a font size in the formatting tool bar while in browse mode?

      If so, the text formatting applied directly to the text in the field supercedes any formatting that you specify for the field on your layout. You'll need to remove the text formatting from the text in the field.