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    happy ho
    How can I show all images of each records on different...
    Forum post posted October 1, 2013 by happy ho 
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    How can I show all images of each records on different column?

    How can I show the images in columns, looks like the attachment files?





    • PhilModJunk

      Is each image the same container field from a different record? If so, you can arrange a series of one row portals on your layout to produce such a grid. You might create a grid in Form view or you might create a single row of these in the body of a list view layout such that each parent record displays a row of records.

    • happy ho

      Dear  PhilModJunk,

      My container field from a different record. As you said, I have to create a grid in Form View? How can I do that, sorry I am new with FileMaker.



    • PhilModJunk

      The details depend on the structure of your database and exactly what you want to do here as there are slightly different variations possible on the basic method that I am describing.

      First you need a relationship with two Table Occurrences. This can be two different tables or two occurrences of the same table. You base your layout on one Table Occurrence and select the other from "Show Related Records From" when you add a portal to your layout.

      That relationship can match to all picture records or just specific records--depending on the results that you want on your layout. A field in the first table could be a "category" field that matches to a Category field in your table of images. Then, by selecting different records in the first table, you see images that are a member of that category:

      Categories::Category = Images::Category (base your layout on Categories and use Images for your portals)

      On your layout, you click the portal tool while in Layout Mode and draw a rectangle on your screen. In Portal Setup, you select Images from the Drop Down and specify 1 as the number of portal rows. After clicking OK, Select your container field and any other fields that you want from Images to be in that portal (such as a name or caption field from Images). Resize the portal row and reposition the fields you want with  in it to get the look that you want. Then select this portal and duplicated it by copy pasting, ctrl/option dragging or by pressing the keyboard shortcut for duplicate. Double click the portal (do not double click a field in the portal) to open Portal Setup (you can also select this option from the Layout menu.) Change the initial row for this portal to 2 instead of 1.

      Repeat those steps, but changing the initial row each time to get your grid of images.