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    Jan Stahl
    Sizing a layout for ipad
    Forum post posted February 10, 2011 by Jan Stahl, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Sizing a layout for ipad
    New to FM Pro and trying to design a layout for the iPad version of FMGo. I see options for Page layout which allow you to set up print sizes but nowhere do I see a place to set up the size in pixels for an iPad layout. How do I do that? Also, if I set up a list of fields in layout mode and they are beautifully spaced and aligned and then I want to move the last one so it's between the 1st 2 for example, how can I easily do that and keep the spacing and alignment nice? Appreciate the help. Thanks.



    • TSGal

      Jan Stahl:

      Thank you for your post.

      Screen Dimensions for an iPad are as follows:

      Portrait (with toolbar): 768W x 929H

      Portrait (No toolbar): 768W x 973H

      Landscape (with toolbar): 1024W x 673H

      Landscape (No toolbar): 1024W x 717H

      This information can be found at the bottom of page 19 of the FileMaker Go Technical Brief at:

      In FileMaker Pro Layout Mode, use the Inspector to determine the field placement.  You can then keep consistent spacing between fields and alignment.

      Let me know if you need additional clarification.

      FileMaker, Inc.

    • Jan Stahl

      TSGal, thanks for your reply. I have the dimensions but I'm not sure where you set those in the layout.

      My second question related to once you set up a new layout and FMP automatically inserted the fields and you wanted to move one so it is between 2 that already were nicely spaced, is there an EASY way to do that?

      There really should be some templates for iPad and iPhone layouts. Do you know if they exist?


    • PhilModJunk

      Please see your original thread in the other forum section for a list of layout tools that can help you in working with layout objects--whether for iPad or for use in FileMaker Pro.

    • TSGal

      Jan Stahl:

      In Layout Mode, pull down the View menu and select "Inspector".  This brings up a modal box.  Click the Position tab.  If you click on a Field, you will see the position coordinates for the left, right, top and bottom edges of the object, and below that, the Size (Width and Height) of the object.

      For the size of the layout, you can click on the Header and Body to see the position and size.

      At this time, FileMaker Pro does not have any built-in templates for the iPhone and/or iPad.

      FileMaker, Inc.