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    Craig Lloyd
    Just bought Bento 1.something for iPad
    Forum post posted June 19, 2012 by Craig Lloyd 
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    Just bought Bento 1.something for iPad

    I am very avery annoyed customer. After using iPhone bento on my iPad, I finally gave in to temptation and purchased iPad bento... AFTER STRUGGLING WITH ITS MANY FOIBLES FOR ONLY 10 DAYS I FIND OUT THAT IPAD BENTO 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED AS A PAID UPGRADE! GRRR... What a waste of 850 YEN....



    • TSGal

      Craig Lloyd:

      If you purchased Bento for iPad 1.x recently, then contact our Customer Support department.  Since you mentioned "850 YEN", I will assume you are in Japan, so please contact our Japanese office.  They will let you know what they need from you to process the request.

      FileMaker, Inc.