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    FileMaker 12 server running extremely Slow versus Filemaker...
    Forum post posted November 28, 2012 by Chad Doss 
    FileMaker 12 server running extremely Slow versus Filemaker 11 server
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    We just recently upgraded from FileMaker Pro 11 Server to FileMaker Pro 12 Server.   After doing this we have been experiencing some extreme latencies in our databases.   The only difference I can tell at this time from 11 to 12 server is that we installed 64 bit version of 12 where 11 was 32 bit version.  Both were installed on a Windows 2008 64bit Server.  The server has 10 Gb ram.   I have already ran a recover on all the databases as well as compressed them and this did not really help.   

    We have a few databases that use ODBC connections to a SQL server.   These are a couple that are extremely slow.  Is there a problem with ODBC 64 bit versus ODBC 32 bit?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?