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    Trial version password
    Forum post posted March 12, 2010 by VLOPEZ, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Trial version password

    I have one day with my File Maker Pro trial version 11, and it is asking me for a password for the File Maker Pro trial vesion 11 when I am trying to open an old File maker pro version 6...where can I find that password???



    • DavidAnders

      You must know the password.

      Old versions used password only.

      Newer (7 and up) versions use User and Passord

      Old version databases can be opened with old password entered into User AND Password.

      If you do not know the password, (and you SHOULD) you are stuck with trying a FMP password cracker program, or talking to Filemaker Support.


      If there was no password, hitting return should open it..

    • VLOPEZ

      David thank you for your advise...I use my old password in the name and the password for the new FMP version 11 and it worked fine...Thank you...

    • DavidAnders

      Glad it worked.

      Write passwords down in three places (one on a piece of red paper and tape to the ceiling)