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    FileMaker Server 11 - Can not start Admin Console Start page
    Forum post posted October 12, 2010 by Lorette, last edited May 16, 2012 
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    FileMaker Server 11 - Can not start Admin Console Start page
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    I am new to FileMaker Server. I attempted to install FileMaker Server 11 on a Windows 2008 Server.


    I opened the ports 5003, 1600 & 16001 and ISS. I confirmed the Admin server was running. I am getting the error message....

    FileMaker Server 11  - Admin Console - The FileMaker Server Admin Console Start page is not avaiable.


    I`ve been reading some other posts. I can not find admin_console_webstart.jhlp. Maybe that is the issue. Please let me know how to find this file or solve the problem.

    Could someone please assist?




    • Johan Barelds


      I am experiencing the same problems.

      Have you been able to solve them?



      Gr. Johan

    • Pinter Frank

      Dear All


      Experience the same problem with a virtual Windows 2003 Server FM Srv Adv. 11. I did :

      - Ports all open (not relevant as accessing by RDP and on using reinstall workarond from FMF: To
      solve the problem, from the console disable the NIC, do an uninstall and
      reinstall, which causes FMS to bind to the loopback interface, then re-enable
      the NIC.

      - neither http:<hostname>:16000 work

      - Tried with fully open (=> security) Firefox 12

      - Java is 1.6 Release 1.6.0_32 and 1.6.0_16

      - I alway get this page (in German)

      FileMaker Server hat einen Fehler festgestellt:
      The server encountered an
      internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

      Wenn die Server-Startseite nicht verfügbar ist, besuchen Sie
      die FileMaker Website für weitere

      We have >100 users wainting for web publishing working again, which I cannot activate without the Admin Console (no command available on command line)


      So i need very urgently help