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    Jack Rodgers
    Code 39 Font?
    Forum post posted September 8, 2012 by Jack Rodgers 
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    Code 39 Font?

    I am working on a barcode inventory solution and would like to show a code 39 font in a Filemaker Go field as I can in Filemaker Pro. This will eliminate the need to use a graphic for the barcode and make it easy to print the barcodes.

    There are two parts to the question centering on printing the barcode from IOS:

    Will one of the installed fonts in IOS 5 display a code 39 barcode as a font.

    Will Go properly print a code 39 font used in Pro and I can think of many reasons why it won't.

    OK, 3 questions. Do barcode printers have build in fonts we can use?

    Disclaimer: I know I can use CNS Barcode to create a graphic for each item's barcode but hope to avoid that.



    • TSGal

      Jack Rodgers:

      Thank you for your post.

      At this time, FileMaker Go uses the built-in iOS fonts.  For a complete listing of these fonts, see:

      Unfortunately, Code 39 is not one of these fonts.  That may be why the makers of CNS Barcode create a graphic.

      FileMaker, Inc.

    • Jack Rodgers

      Also interesting would be to compare the IOS fonts that Go uses with:

      The fonts that the themes use to see how they match.

      TT fonts available on Windows computers as there may not be matchiing fonts available for install in Pro.

      TT fonts available on Macs and assume that these would all be available and useable in Pro.

    • Max Milian
    • mariah sharp

      er...hey .i've searched a resource about code 39 font,,you may check it

    • Tom Oathoudt

      Strange as Code 39 is widely used by many people.