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    Establishing database connection between Filemaker 11 and...
    Forum post posted April 29, 2010 by Grant, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Establishing database connection between Filemaker 11 and UPS Worldship

    Hi There!


    We currently run Filemaker 6 on 5 shared workstations and want to upgrade our FIlemaker to version 11 mainly to automate our shipping process.  We downloaded the Filemaker 11 trail version.  We would like to connect Filemaker to UPS Worldship.  The UPS tech rep told us that they would set up the script to automate our shipping.  However, they will not do that until we have been able to establish a "database connection" between filemaker and worldship.


    I AM A COMPLETE NOVICE and have no idea where to even start.  Does anyone have any ideas what steps I need to take to make this work (or will it even work?)?


    Thanks for all!