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    Create and run batch file based on data.
    Forum post posted August 25, 2009 by WillGonz, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Create and run batch file based on data.

    I would like to write out a batch file based on data in my database.  Then I want to execute the batch file to perform DOS commands.  How could I do this?






    • TKnTexas

      This is something I have been getting ready to try.  I have a batch file that takes a parameter at the command prompt


      H:\copyap.bat mmddyy


      It then performs the batch file to move two files from one directory to another.  I would love to execute this by script, passing the parameter.  It would copy the files to the appropriate location, renaming as needed by the batch file.  My FMPro10 script would import the file.  Once all the scripts are completed, a second batch file would delete the files to keep from having them duplicated by another import in error.