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    Field Unrelated Table lookups
    Forum post posted December 9, 2011 by DavidSimmons, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Field Unrelated Table lookups

    How can I do a field lookup to an unrelated table? I would like to pass a value from the current table as a key to the lookup table return  some field value.



    • PhilModJunk

      Why would this be an unrelated table? If you are passing a vlaue from the current table as a key for the lookup, why not define a relationship based on the field storing that value?

      It is also possible to use set variable to copy the value from the table's field into a variable, switch to a layout based on the other table and use it to perform a find. Set variable can then be used to bring a value thus looked up back to the original layout and it's table.

      But why go to all that trouble just to avoid defining a relationship to the look up table?