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    how to open a word document in filemaker
    Forum post posted December 11, 2008 by prakashroy, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    how to open a word document in filemaker



    this is prakash.......'


    i want open a word document when i select a value in a drop down list


    please any one help me





    • raybaudi

      Hi prakashroy


      can you give us more informations ?


      1) Where is the word document: into the HD or in a container of FMP

      2) Which values are in that value list

    • joeu

      I created a button and used the "Open URL" option.  Although I speified an EXCEL  file you just need to change the file name.

      This is what  I put in by "specify" data

      "file:\\\C:\Spydus\Admin Info\Spydus Server Admin Log.xlsx"