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    Bernd Krause
    FileMaker Pro 6 on MS Windows 7 PC's and using data from...
    Forum post posted August 28, 2010 by Bernd Krause, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    FileMaker Pro 6 on MS Windows 7 PC's and using data from IBM Power7 and IBM i V.6.1

    Right now, we are using some FileMaker Pro 6 applications on PC's (Windows XP) and using data from IBM AS/400 V.5.2. 

    We are planning to install some new PC's with MS Windows 7 and a new IBM Power7 with IBM i V.6.1. Since we and our partner have only some experiences with the data and program-conversion from the older PC's (Windows XP) and the older operation system IBM AS/400 V.5.2, we expect quite a few difficulties.

    In order to reduce these problems, we would like to use our old FileMaker Pro 6 applications as long as possible on the new PC's (MS Windows 7) and with the new IBM Power7 System incl. its operation system IBM i V.6.1. Later the year, and if all the conversions are made, of cource we would like to change our applications to the actual FileMaker version.

    Question: We would like to know, if we would be able to run Filemaker Pro 6 applications on MS Windows 7 PC's and would also be able to access our IBM data, after converted to IBM Power7 and IBM i V.6.2 database (DB2)?



    • menno

      FMP6 runs fine on Windows 7, but there are few things to pay attention to:

      You may have to allow Filemaker access to the network (you'll get a dialog from W7)

      If you are using plugins and push these from the server, the location of these plugins will
      no longer be: "C:\Program Files\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 6\System" (but this can still be used to place them "manually")
      but will be: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 6\System\"

      I don't know how you access your IBM-data, but I guess that you use a ODBC-DSN. If you can create a identical DSN again on W7 it should be work fine.